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Blog Post Writing – 5 Amazing and Powerful Secrets to Effective Blog Post Writing

1. Think of your readers. Keep in mind that you’re writing the content of your blog not for yourself but for your target visitors. These people will give you a visit over and over again if you give them exactly what they’re looking for. So, write about those things that they find interesting and write using their preferred writing style and format. This is one way to make sure that you’ll get the kind of response that you need from your audience.

2. Use explosive titles. Don’t be in a hurry when writing the titles for your blog posts. Remember, these are your greatest weapons in getting people to read what you’ve written. Make them as powerful and as emotionally-charged as possible. Give your audience a valid reason to read your blog posts.

3. Offer unique content. Instead of rehashing other blog’s content, ensure that you offer your readers nothing but unique and fresh information. You see, these people will not waste their time reading your blog if you offer nothing but data that they already know. Amazing Posting

4. Promote easy reading. Make your content easy on the eyes to help your readers. Use bigger fonts, short sentences, sub headings, bullet list, and short paragraphs. Also, highlight the most important information that you’re giving out so your readers can easily find them.

5. Talk to your readers. Never use third person pronouns when writing your content as this will surely alienate your readers. To put these people at ease, write as if they’re just in front of you. Use the terms that they usually use. Also, be upbeat and spontaneous all throughout.


Samsung Adds to the Genio Range – Samsung Genio Pro B5310

A new Samsung phone has now joined the expanding Genio range from the manufacturer, the Samsung Genio Pro is the launch name for the phone that has been referred to as the Corby Pro, Genio Slide and its model number, (which does not change) the Samsung B5310.

This new addition further compliments the others in the Genio range and takes on much of the styling of these funky, fashion orientated phones, however the new Samsung Genio Pro is the most advanced of all of the models even though it retains its funky appeal. 55au7700

The rear casing can be exchanged as with all of the models in the Samsung Genio range and swapped for a colour that suit your mood, colours available include Pink, White, Black, Yellow and Orange. The new Genio Pro looks much the same as the existing Samsung Genio Touch and Samsung Genio Qwerty, however this new model hides a full, slide out Qwerty keyboard within its frame.

The new Samsung B5310 also incorporates some great technology including 3.5G support, WiFi, and a better camera than the previous models at 3 mega pixels, it does still feature the funky version of the TouchWiz user interface found in the Qwerty and Touch models as well as the same great support for social networking.

Most phones that feature a slide out keyboard are usually classed as business phone, but the new Samsung Genio Pro is far from that, this phone is aimed at those who love to be connected and show off their phones to friends, not simply left in a suit pocket or in the office drawer.

The keyboard is all about fast text input and with 3.5G support this is an internet focused phone, this allows you to quickly type up emails, text messages and update you social network profiles with support for Facebook, Myspace, Blogger, LinkedIn, webmail and Flickr. Download speeds of up to 7.2 Mbps can be achieved so even longer movie trailers and full music tracks are quick to save.

The Samsung Genio Pro is initially available as a SIM free phone with no network locks, this means that you can use your existing SIM card in your new Genio Pro handset which will then transfer your mobile number, account details and any name and numbers that you have saved to the SIM card.

There is also a planned launch of this new Samsung phone as a Pay As You Go handset over the coming days, this is great news for those that cannot pass the strict network credit checks and also means there will be a network subsidy discount on the initial purchase price.

If you love staying connected with all of your friends through social networking, emailing and texting then the Samsung Geniuo Pro allows you to do this quickly and easily with that phone that can be personalised to suit your mood.