Writing the Longer Memoir


Longer, book-length memoirs differ from the shorter, single-page ones because they generally cover a significant portion of the author’s life, as opposed to an isolated incident or experience. Memories, needless to say, serve as the inroads to both.


Because both autobiographies and memoirs are longer works, and can potentially encompass decades of a person’s life, there may be some confusion between them. Nevertheless, there are differences.

The autobiography, for instance, is primarily an historical, chronological recounting of the writer’s life from birth to his current age, while the memoir tends to focus on a common theme or thread, and those events which neither illustrate nor support it are excluded.

Which version you consider writing may be determined by its ultimate purpose. If you do not wish to publish your book, yet are intent upon capturing as much of your life as you can on paper to share with a few friends and family members, then the autobiography is most likely the appropriate genre for you. If, on the other hand, you do not have the notoriety to attract sales of such an account, as political, sports, and film figures do, yet still wish to publish, then writing the memoir, in which you take the reader on your journey and share the lessons of it with him, will most likely offer the greater value.


Imagine a sizeable blanket through which a single thread runs. It holds it all together. Unlike the all-encompassing, from birth-to-death pay for essay reddit autobiography, the book-length memoir should be woven around a single, common theme, the one the reader can follow from the first stitch to the last.


Before you even put your pen to the paper, you may wish to transcend the questions of “Who cares about what I’m writing?” to “Why do I care about what I’m writing?” If, after all, you do not, then the reader certainly will not.

You need to examine why your experiences are important to you-in other words, why do they matter to you?


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