Survival Food – 5 Benefits of Freeze Dried Meals

There is a saying, “Store what you eat and eat what you store”. When thinking about preparing for long term food storage, ready-made freeze dried meals are the ticket. This is food you are probably already eating on a regular basis, just in a different form. The benefits of storing freeze dried foods are numerous, here a just a few:

1. Appearance– First of all, the freeze drying process allows food to retain its original shape, color, and texture. It does not shrivel up. Cooked (meats) and fresh foods are flash frozen and then put in a vacuum chamber which evaporates the ice and removes about 98% of the moisture from the food. It can be quickly reconstituted by just adding water. It looks like it would if cooked fresh.

2. Flavor- Not only does it look good, but freeze dried meals are quite tasty and retain their nutritional value. Coming from a former non-believer, I was sold the first time I tried them. It is no surprise that freeze dried products are also the most popular choice food preppers for outdoor enthusiasts such as campers, backpackers and hikers. They are delicious and are simple to make.

3. Portable- Whether you are in an emergency situation or backpacking, a week or more worth of freeze dried meals can be easily transported in a backpack, bucket or bag, because they are light weight. At least two thirds of the weight(usually water) is removed during the freeze drying process. The packaging is small, making it an even more convenient food storage solution.

4. Long Shelf Life: Most have up to a twenty five year shelf life without the hassle of rotating the food storage supply in your home. Another benefit of these products is that they can be stored at room temperature and do not require cold storage. This means you can store them in a kitchen pantry for easy accessibility, in a utility closet or in a basement to keep your supply out of the way. Wouldn’t it be nice to know that your family has plenty of fresh tasting meals available at a moments notice, months or even years from now if a crisis hits?

5. Just Add Water: Some food storage items can take along time to prepare, are not simple to make, or are impractical. Large cans of beans or rice are not going to help you much in an emergency. Individually portioned freeze dried meals in small pouches make it really simple to feed one or many people in a pinch. Just add hot or cold water, hot water is quicker, and wait 10-12 minutes and eat!

If you have been thinking about long term food storage and wondering what kind of food would make the most sense, give freeze dried food a try. I am sure you will agree that they are the smart choice.

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