Simple Tips on Writing High Converting Solo Ads

Including testimonials in your solo ads is an approach that is not used often enough. Since you are using real testimonials on your site, you should also take advantage of them in your solo ads. It will invoke the trust factor in your readers and make your ad appear more believable.

There are lots of ads that are spammy making  free classified ads pakistan  the rounds and they are nothing but complete junk. You can use testimonials for support to get your readers to trust you and believe in the product or service you are offering and to make your ad stand out. It will offer your ad the helping hand it requires.

Apart from that, your solo ads should look like advertisements but should be more similar to presell articles that present your product and its benefits but you certainly shouldn’t be hard selling. The advantage of testimonials is that it is a lot easier to make your point and also that they help you get more conversions. You could take it further by using testimonials in the subject line.

Testing is another crucial element to ezine advertising success. To increase the efficacy of your ezine ads you need to split test a few to determine which ones are the most efficient. You should try publishing three or four separate ads in an ezine to determine the response you get. The winner is the ad the generates the most clicks through to your site. To find out which ezine offers the best results, the next step is to run the best ad in a number of different ezines. Once you have done this, you will have all the information you need to generate targeted traffic that converts as you will know which is the most effective ad and which is the best ezine.

You should use a conversational tone in your ads. When you write you need to do it just like you speak, however, you do want to keep the slang to a minimum. It should be simple and to the point where anybody could read and understand it. You need to be using “you” more than “I” as if you were speaking to your readers one on one.

You need to ensure that your paragraphs and sentences are short and you have to be yourself. To make sure you aren’t alienating anyone, give your ads the same appearance and feel as that of an article. You can give away valuable information in your article-like solo ad and in the end ask them to visit your site for more information. Most people are successful with this approach to solo ads because it doesn’t appear like there are making a sales pitch.

In the end, ezine marketing isn’t difficult as long as you are aware of when to do things and what to do. This article clearly proves that solo ads can be complicated and messy if you aren’t applying these simple strategies. So, to ensure the next solo ad campaign you run goes according to plan, be sure to plan it out and take calculated measures.


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