Presto Deep Fryer – A Review of the ProFry

Its Presto ProFry deep fryer, one of the best electric deep fryers is a practical home-sized appliance from the well-known maker of kitchenware for the home. The Presto 05462 model is packed with extensive specifications. What you get is what you don’t expect.


The attractive metal housing made of Ninja DT201 and DT251 air fryer key Differences  stainless steel is constructed to last. The appliance comes with year warranty that is limited and operates at a massive 120 Volts AC and 1800 Watts. This modern-looking appliance comes with an oblong-shaped basket which is perfect for the 9-cup capacity for food and is able to accommodate large portions of fish and chicken, as well as other food items that are fried. This feature is particularly useful when you have a large family or events and parties where huge quantities of food are needed to be served in a continuous manner. The robust heat immersion system allows rapid heating of oil and preheating.



Presto’s ProFry electric deep fryer has modern controls and display options, as well as an adjustable thermostat and a timer. This allows food to be cooked at the temperature required, while the timer lets you know that you do not have to sit around waiting for food to be cooked so you can proceed with other things. The cover, which has a an air purifier made of charcoal, helps to reduce the odor and splashing and serves as a barrier when food is being dropped in the oil.


What makes this model special is the capacity to be used to steam and boiling food items apart from delicious, crisp and delicious foods that are fried over and over again. It’s also great for food items like vegetables and seafood. It gives food lovers an energizing diet of fried foods as well as healthy alternatives to boiling and steamed foods.


The appliance can be cleaned easy since both the heating element and the enameled pot can be taken off. My personal experience is that one of the most frustrating things during a cooking session is cleaning. However, with this ProFry model, cleanup becomes simple, with no spills of oil in the cooking process because the cover functions as a shield. just need to clean it using a damp cloth.


However one of the minor negatives I have about this gadget is the fact that its cover which serves as a protective shield , while also lowering the food items, needs to be removed before cooking food items that are moist, such as French Fries. This could be a cumbersome and difficult job for those who have.



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