Home Central Air conditioning. Tips to help you Improve the Life of your Cooler

Almost eighty percent of the new U. S. houses are installing central air conditioning units while construction. While it may not have been necessary to have air conditioning several decades ago, it is quite uncomfortable not to small cooler have it now. But those having existing homes do not need to worry, as the central air conditioning units can even be set up in houses that have already been constructed!

If you are looking for the best central air conditioning unit, you need to keep certain points in mind.
The best way and most important thing when buying central air conditioning equipment is to have it installed by a qualified contractor.

When one talks about saving money through efficient air conditioning systems the topic of SEER usually comes up. SEER or seasonal energy efficiency ratio, rates the central air conditioning unit. You can actually save quite a lot in your electricity bills if you substitute your old and ineffective air conditioner with a new SEER rated central air conditioning set up. Heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) manufacturers are responding to the challenges of increased energy costs by offering homeowners air-conditioning units that deliver new energy efficiency standards and reduce your energy usage.

Always consult a specialist engineering company, who will specify, design and install the correct air conditioning system for your needs. There are many reputable contractors specializing in the installation of air conditioning systems for both small and large homes. Large houses usually require a centralized air conditioning system and its installation is more complicated and labor intensive. There are various kinds of air conditioning systems depending on your needs, your home size and your budget.

It is the most effective way of heating and cooling the entire home because it can supply the conditioned air directly to the rooms whether the internal doors are open or closed. Having said that, which brand or manufacturer should you consider? Good question, but in reality it depends on your budget and your expectations. It would be recommended that you retrieve at least 3 quotes from reputable businesses (not outlets like Home Depot) which specialize in air conditioning supply and installation.

These companies will have ties to certain manufacturers and as a result will push a brand they will make more money from. But if you are aware beforehand which brands you are interested in you will be more assured of getting a good deal on a system you have chosen not what they want you to have.

The back yard is the most common place to find a central air conditioning unit condenser unit (outdoor section). This information is important because a house’s structure, window area, sun exposure, and climate will affect your central air conditioning needs. Again this is where you need specialist guidance from experienced installers. Make sure they look all over your home checking each room you want diffusers (ceiling outlets) in and note whether they check out the ceiling space, this small check is important as seasoned quoters / installers with experience will tell you that some ceiling spaces do not accommodate the ducting very well and can cause all sorts of difficulties during installation, you do not want the installer cutting corners (so to speak) trying to fit ductwork.

The electrical load on your home will be increased dramatically as a central A/C system is a large electrical user, some homes cannot accommodate this requirement and therefore need to have their mains upgraded. This can significantly increase the installation cost.

For your home central air conditioning system to last as long as possible, proper maintenance is a must. You probably recognize – as most homeowners do – that keeping your heating and air conditioning units running well is important. We tend to take our air conditioning for granted, and wonder how we ever got along without it, but we rarely check the system until it begins to blow out hot air.

Proper care of your air conditioning system like scheduled cleaning will also make it more efficient for a long time. If you have central air conditioning, it is important to keep the outside compressor compartment (condenser) as clean as possible. And of course the indoor return air filter must be kept clean also to improve the air flow throughout the home. There are not really many things the homeowner must do to keep their A/C happy other than cleaning and keeping the outdoor condenser free from debris and plant foliage.

The price of the product is usually related to the amount you pay for the product. If you spend more to buy the product you need, you will get a good quality product. However, spending more on your cooler does not mean that you will get a good quality product that will last for several years. For example, some people buy expensive stainless steel machines that get rusted and corroded in a few years. Therefore, it is important that you don’t just look at the price but consider several other factors before getting a machine.

Evaporative coolers that are available in the market are made using several materials. Some of the commonly used materials include fibreglass, stainless steel, aluminum and plastic. Most people believe that machines made using steel is more durable that machines made using fibreglass and aluminum. However, they will be surprised at the fact that most aluminum machines last longer than machines made of stainless steel. The main reason why people use an aluminum machine is because they are durable and don’t rust easily.

You can also improve the life of the machine by getting them serviced regularly. Most people don’t maintain their units which can cause problems. You can either get professional help to maintain the machine or do it yourself. If you plan to clean the machine, you can start by draining the water from the pan and cleaning it. You can clean the pan several times in a year if the water you use has high mineral content. To prevent minerals from entering the cooler, you can use an inline water filter. Since these machines work on the principle of evaporation, all the water in the cooler gets evaporated and the minerals are left behind in the pan. When you clean the pan both minerals and dust are removed from your machine.

It is also important that you change the pads at least once a year. If you don’t change the pads, minerals can build up on them easily. Most people who clean their machine change their pads when they clean the pan. If you don’t change the pads, the minerals present in the pads pushed down to the pan when fresh water is put over them. Therefore, it is important that you change the pads when you clean the pan.

Most people, who buy stainless steel or aluminum cooler, don’t get their machine serviced regularly. These machines have a strong outer body but the parts of these machines are made of iron or galvanized steel. If the pads of the machine get worn out, the water enters the blower section which can damage the machine. Even though these models have a great outer body, you must service them regularly.

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