Fitted Kitchens – 7 Spectacular Ideas to Get You Started

Is it not magnificent that you can now find companies that specialize in fitted kitchens that promise to transform the look of your home and add value and style to it like never before? It is the dream of every homeowner to have a state of the art, functional and modern kitchen facility.

These companies virtually take care of an array of things, including the planning, design and fitting, as well as the technical surveys and project management that are needed to give your home a new look. What they do is to use computer technology and graphic designs that can give you pictures of what the finished kitchen countertops, cupboards and shelves, plus all the other facilities, would be like by the end of the job. They give you the above mentioned fitted kitchens accessories, which would also include wine racks, lighting, taps, sinks, and other finishing touches that go into making a modern kitchen.

So here are a couple of home improvement ideas that go with fitted kitchens:

  • Most fitted kitchens come with great lighting options that are used to create a home decor effect as well as functionality. You can make use of spot lighting in floors, ceilings and kickboards that can easily bring a dramatic touch to your kitchen.
  • Longevity, durability and style are important factors to put in mind while selecting a new kitchen. This is why it is important to go for a timeless, classic style or one that can be easily adapted in the future to make it more contemporary looking that will last you for a good while.
  • You have a choice to call in kitchen design experts or even do the work yourself by following the ideas and instructions that come with the fitted units. Even if this is the way you have chosen to go with, you will still need the services of specialist electricians, joiners and plumbers to do their part of the project. However by doing some of the job yourself, you will save money in the process.
  • Sometimes, you would only need the installation of new cupboard doors and draw fronts rather than bringing in whole units. This would help to cut down costs as well.
  • If you have appliances that are still serviceable, then the best idea is to get them built into the units to disguise their worn exteriors, making your Fitted kitchens look as good as new with less costs to bear for your wallet.
  • Also check if your already existing tiles can be repainted or re-grouted to go with the new fittings you have brought in.
  • Plan to replace a few appliances, like a set of toasters, kettles, coffee makers, and juicers that can come as matching sets of stainless steel to add sparkle to your new countertops of fitted kitchens without having to buy new appliances.

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