Ceramic Wall Tile – Can You Feel Your Heart Beat?

When I think of ceramic wall tile I think of how beautiful a room can truly be. Whether you are wall tiling a kitchen, dining room, hallway or bathroom, this tile will bring out the magnificent luster that is natures own.

This manifestation of clay and fire is something that can only be describes as a gift from God that has been passed down through the ages. This craft of creating art from what we have an abundance of, that being the ground we stand on, has only improved with time.

These artisans who have passed down through the years their craft only to have future generations develop, with their own creative minds, an ever evolving and improving form of art known as ceramic wall tile.

In the beginning there was a limited selection available to those of royalty and power. Down through the centuries this ceramic tile became more available to the masses and was attainable to all who had but a little to spend or barter for.

Today, more than ever, ceramic wall tile has become the standard for covering walls with an extremely powerful presence. When you enter a room that has been finished in ceramic wall tile, you know, that whoever had the creative mind to add the artful touch of ceramic tile to the walls knew the heart pounding emotional effect it would have on anyone who entered the room. This feeling is truly magnificent.

Do you have any idea of just how many styles, shapes, colors and finishes are available to you in ceramic wall tiles alone? With that in mind, you can create an effect all your own just by combining different styles shapes and colors to make a wall tile masterpiece that is original and truly all your own.

Just take a moment and imagine what would happen if you combined the major surface of your walls with Bone Speckle with a border running near the top and near the bottom of each wall with Topis Barcelona trim size (3′ x 3′) tile. Add to that some  ceramic easter decoration miscellaneously placed Topis Barcelona (6′ x 6′) tiles and you would end up with a ceramic wall tile masterpiece that would make you heart pound.

Here’s another idea. This time imagine the major surface of your walls done in Riviera Sapphire ceramic tile. This beautiful deep majestic blue would be perfect with a top and bottom border of Linea Colonial Sevilla ceramic tile. About three or three and one half feet up the wall and going around the entire room would be two rows of Braganza Portuguese ceramic tiles.

I put these combinations of ceramic wall tiles together while I was writing this information. It didn’t take long for me to create surrounding walls that would bring a feeling of warmth rushing through my body that no other wall decor is capable of producing. This is truly an interactive form of art that you have no limits on what you can create.

Ceramic wall tile is now available in so many art forms that you have unlimited opportunity to create walls that are uniquely all your own. If you are looking for wall decor that does more than just look great, then this wall decor will also make you feel great. Now is your opportunity to perform magic on a room. Go for it!


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