Case Study – Figuring In Initial Marketing and Sales Costs for a New Automated Truck Wash

Should an automated truck wash hire professional salesmen to come help sell the fleet accounts? Well, sure, nothing good in life comes free, and not many people are very good at selling fleet wash accounts, I’d say only 20 or so in the whole country, and they work for Blue Beacon, Fleetwash, and formerly for my company before retirement, plus there are vendor companies like Penske and Ryder Leasing who have kick-ass salesmen and any of those guys or gals can talk shop and sell fleet washing accounts too.

What if you, the owner of the automated truck wash has a bit of sales experience? Can you go out and sell yourself? Yes, I believe so, that is if one understands the philosophy and are halfway decent at sales and people skills, problem solving, and customer service. Plus, if the sales team has the knowledge of the process, equipment, technology, soap, and industry; do you have that knowledge, you’ll need it? Also ask yourself if you know anything about the trucking industry? real time Have you ever driven a truck? What is your background here?

Now then, having put together Bonzai and Blitz Missions for marketing fleet accounts, putting together a full on marketing mission the way I’d do it would cost $5,000 and no I am not interested in doing that for anyone, but that is about the type of cost we are talking about here. And, to do it right would probably take a good week and a half even for me to do it, but if you pay attention you can do this yourself.

When setting up your own sales team to go out and get fleet washing contracts, you need to gather your sales people in a room, get them motivated and hyped up, and then strategically place them based on their personal personality strengths into small two-person teams. Then you need to send them out to conquer each grid of the city section by section. Literally canvassing and combing the area for every single truck and fleet vehicle that may need cleaning. They should have flyers, brochures, and they should be contacting every single delivery driver, every fleet owner, and every business they think they might score an account with.

In fact, I used to send our teams behind the grocery stores during delivery times, and they would hand out flyers to every single driver of every single company that pulled up during the day, they would give them a flyer, and convince them to take that flyer and go hand it to their dispatcher, or the owner of the company personally. It is amazing how well this works, and I’m so excited to tell you, because I know you’re going to go out and get new business. Please consider all this and think on it.

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